Increasing The Value of Your Property

Technological Innovation

Property value declines over time. Even if you regularly maintain all aspects of your property, you’re going to encounter value declination through gradual obsolescence. Getting beyond this requires expansions, rebuilds, and remodeling.

That said, if you can identify areas where upgrades can be inexpensively applied and yet yield increase, you stand to potentially enjoy not just the added value of your additions in usage, but in investment.


Expanding your home can be expensive or cheap; it all depends on your methods of approach, and your proclivities. Of course, if you want to expand in a way that has top-tier materials used all around, it’s going to cost more. You stand to have a more valuable investment, but that which is returned value-wise may not be as high as it could be.

There’s definitely a “sweet spot” when it comes to expansion. If you go too cheap, you won’t add enough value to your property for the expansion to matter. If you go too top-shelf, you may barely recoup your investment. You’re looking for that Goldilocks ratio. One of the best ways to attain said ratio is through prefabricated metal buildings.

Certainly, you could do a bathroom or a kitchen remodel. Attic remodels can be especially cost-effective, and yield a great deal of value. Increased bedrooms don’t always add as much value as you may expect, by contrast. But if you can add an additional structure to the overall property, that’s a big deal.

A prefabricated metal structure can be used as an unattached garage, it can be used as a shed, a workshop, a “bunker”, or an actual extension to your house. Imagine appending a greenhouse to your property via prefabricated metal structure. Now imagine it extends from the back door and covers half of the backyard. You’ve still got a yard, but the square-footage of your house has increased.

Prefabricated metal structures can be built to order, too. They aren’t restrained to a “small” size. According to American Steel Span, kits for metal buildings produce a finished product which includes “Very high side walls which offer great clearance.” Adjustments can certainly be made to meet your needs, additionally.

A Separate Living Space

Prefabricated structures of this variety are designed to withstand substantial extreme weather conditions. In Antarctica, the majority of structures are of the prefabricated variety for two reasons. Firstly, they are incredibly sound in an architectural sense. Secondly, they can be built with relative ease and exceptional rapidity. You’ve got to be able to build quickly in such weather!

With this in mind, if you do end up considering adding property value with a prefabricated metal structure, you may additionally consider that proper building of it could additionally yield a livable space which can be outfitted like an entirely separate home. A quick Google search will reveal the average cost of prefabricated buildings is between $16 and $20 per square foot.

That’s dirt cheap. In fact, it may be cheaper than dirt, when you consider the cost of land in most areas of the country today. If you double or triple the cost of the structure itself, you can outfit the interior and interior in such a way that they appear top-tier. Whether you do this to make the structure itself livable, or to make its value expansive, is of little consequence.

In either scenario, you are going to find increased value. What makes sense from this point is to look at your budget, and do a little research into such structures. You may find the benefits to be even greater than this writing has alluded.